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Wekick is the ultimate one-stop soccer management and community platform founded by Zaheen Ahmed and Rawanul Momen in 2019. The goal? Developing an app that would empower our beloved and most passionate soccer community.

All great ideas come out of a need, and so did Wekick. For us, the need was to find and join games nearby. But as we dug deeper into the community we realized there were tons of other needs that had to be solved for a lot of other people. That is when Wekick evolved into the most comprehensive soccer specific app out there.

Wekick is an outcome of continuous research, development and dialogue with members of the soccer ecosystem. Today, whether you are a player, coach, scout, or any other member of the soccer community, we have you covered with all the tricks and tools you need right at your fingertips.

We believe we are changing the game by placing the power where it belongs – within the hands of the millions of people that call soccer their one true love. – Team Wekick

Meet the Wekick Team

Rawanul Momen

Rawanul Momen

Co-Founder & CEO

A life-long soccer enthusiast, Rawanul’s love for the game has only grown every year. His passion in increasing efficiencies inspired him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto. In his free time, he is an avid drummer and a major gaming geek with out of this world FIFA skills.

Zaheen Ahmed

Zaheen Ahmed

Co-Founder & COO

Zaheen was born with a soccer ball at his feet and has played competitive and recreational soccer his entire life. Known for his “mad dribbling” skills, Zaheen still manages to play every week. After a few successful years in sales and marketing, he felt the push to become more involved in the world of soccer. Although he would never play professionally, Zaheen found a way to channel his passion through WeKick.

Zahidul Islam

Zahidul Islam


Zahidul has experience as a Full Stack Software Engineer for more than a decade. He is admired for his ability to create successful projects from scratch and his knowledge on cutting edge technologies. Zahidul’s hunger for excellence and perfection in his work helps him to push his limits further. A natural born athlete with an immense passion for sports who is always up for a challenge.

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