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 Build and share your profile and interact with a whole network of soccer professionals. Recruit the best players for your team and keep a track of upcoming talents.

Soccer Coaches and Soccer Scouts

Coaches & Scouts have the most important role of a team

From recruiting the best of the best to ensuring everyone plays cohesively. We feel, for the longest time our coaches and scouts have been neglected and just linkedin isn’t cutting it. To them we say, this is your chance to share your years of professional experience, highlight your certifications and licenses and show off your achievements, titles and trophies.

Find, follow & Connect.

Networking has never been this easy. Wekick was built to support a huge network of the soccer community. Recruiting players? Find the best of the best from five different levels. Looking for an opportunity? Connect with coaches on the app and show them what you’re made of. Don’t forget to follow and keep tabs on organizers or organizations that host your favourite events

Connect with Soccer coaches
Choose From Soccer Events

All types of Events
to choose from!

Whether a game, a training session or a combine, we offer all types of soccer events for you to create. Start a league featuring teams, leaderboards and league tables or create your own customized tournament & invite multiple teams to participate.

Spend less Time
organizing & more hours on the field

Management tools that collect payments,
automatically divide and manage event members into
different sessions, planning and organizing sub-games,
training sessions or tryouts and offer check-in options
are all at your disposal.

Soccer Management tools
Share Soccer Posts Or Make Soccer Announcements

Share posts or make announcements

Our all inclusive soccer app gets you the best exposure possible. Did you play an awesome game? Share your results here! Want to attract more players to your organization? Post your requirements. Have an important update for the community? Announce it right away! We are all in this together, let us be part of each other’s journey and bring more to the game.

One-Stop Soccer Management
& Community Platform

Live, breathe and play the game like never before with the most comprehensive soccer specific app out there!