Frequently Asked Questions


Wekick is a one-stop soccer app that unites the players, coaches, scouts, clubs and league communities. The platform unlocks an extensive range of features, from exploring, joining and registering for games. Creating training, try-outs or combines, tracking player stats, building your full throttle soccer resume and showing off skills through photos and videos. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, we encourage you to download now and see for yourself.

WeKick was made to join games easily. Whether a simple game, training session, try-out or combine, we’ve made it accessible to join in on the fun. Local events will be showcased on the ‘Explore’ page of the app.

If you love playing the game of soccer, WeKick is a must-try. Some of our top benefits include:

1.Display preferred positions, play style, skills and stats in your player report.
2. The potential of getting recruited or simply being acknowledged for your crazy skills.
3. Bringing your talent to life through interactive video highlights and images, ensuring that you gain the exposure you deserve in the soccer community.
4. Finding awesome local pickup games, events and tryouts.
5. Get ranked as the best foward, mid-fielder or defender
6. Collect Man of the Match votes

WeKick is a helpful tool for coaches in the soccer world, enabling them to access player profiles with ease. Some of our favourite benefits include:

1. Building a soccer profile to showcase your experience, achievements and connections.
2. Share post to promote your clubs, teams and organizations.
3. Finding the best and most talented players.
4. Keeping tabs on interested players and watching their progress.
5. Following users and securing an active follower base.
6. Interacting with a whole network of soccer players and professionals.
7. Keeping tabs on all events, past, present and future.

Wekick makes it easy for organizers and administrators to create and manage events. Here are the list of benefits:

1.Organize games, events, leagues and tournaments all-in-one place
2. Create sessions with session builders to organize, plan and sort events accordingly
3. Create groups for large numbers of players
4. Manage those groups and events under one banner
5. Manage team members in your group
6. Inviting current or future users to play
7. Track who is invited and attending the event
8. Keep updated with past and upcoming events
9. Make and share posts to communicate and promote group activity
10. Upload videos and photos of event highlights
11. Collect and keep track of payments

After a game all the participants gets to vote for the Man of the Match, best foward, best mid-fielder and best defender. Each of these categories holds a certain number of points. As you gather more points you gradually rise through the ranks. All players start from the Rank 1, and the goal is to reach the Rank 10.

Semi-Pro and Professional player ratings are solely based on and evaluated with real time data and stats from the their respective teams and leagues.