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Wekick is a collaboration between soccer’s most passionate players working with technology’s biggest innovators to bring the game to life, on & off the field. As a refresher, some of our main benefits are combined in a one-stop-shop that allows members and teams to create and join events, recruit players, build your soccer profile, track and record your stats, manage and promote your groups & so much more.
The Ultimate One-Stop Soccer App


Devise your own soccer profile that showcases your rankings and skills, display positions & playstyles, upload your highlight videos. Show off your achievements, titles and trophies and share your experiences and licenses..

Build a full throttle soccer player resume and be your own agent. Link with your team or league and track and record your stats, goals and games. Share your highlight videos to stand out to scouts and coaches. Showcase your achievements, display your progess and increase your chances of getting a pro contract.

Use our search features to locate events, groups or teams. Find and recruit players or post about an event on the Wekick board. The easy to use filter system helps you to find exactly what you need

Creation & innovation is the name of the game at Wekick. Create games, create training sessions or tournaments. Create leagues. Create your own soccer destiny, right here right now.

Upload your favourite highlight reels from your top games, share videos of you completing drills or pulling off those impressive skill moves, and show off your best goals. Go all in to increase your chances of recruitment.

Wekick enables its users to vote for the best players after a game so they could build a reputation as a soccer player, showcase it on their profile & be truly acknowledged and recognized for their hard work, improving skills and achievements on and off the field.

Manage upcoming events and access information from past events attended and keep yourself in the loop about your next play with our comprehensive scheduling system.

Slide into the DM’s of a favourite local player or join a locker room for your event, group or team and discuss all of the plays and juicy details.

Get alerts for your invites, games, followers, private messages or any other upcoming changes right to your home screen.

Connect with other users, chat about all things soccer-related and expand your reach. This is your time to shine, boost your popularity and let the soccer community know what you are all about.

Do you have problems getting the numbers for your game? Invite users to your events, tournaments and teams directly. If they are currently on the platform, they’ll receive a notification or you can email them a link and share it via text message.

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Build and grow your soccer group, spend less time organizing and more on the field. Promote your organization and create a buzz to attract more members. Enjoy creating dynamic membership plans that would bring in recurring revenue.

Wekick offers features for coaches and players to manage their teams easily and effectively. Recruit players and experiment different formations with the squad. Organize events with the team scheduling system, collect payments, chat in the locker room and upload game highlights all in one place.

Analyze, or ask for analysis, on videos or photos captured during the game. Coaches and trainers can scan clips, identify strengths and recommend weaknesses to focus on.

Randomly allocate players into different teams, saving time before a pick up game while creating a hassle-free, equal process.

Divide participants into various sessions of one main event, ideal for tryouts or training sessions. Now, you can save time and get the best out of your plans.

Make or collect payments for those events that require a fee. Here, organizers can keep track of payments being made, issue a refund if necessary and manage invoices. We assure you our payment system will make your life much easier!

Utilize our easy-to-use check-in system to make sure all members show up all the while keeping track of no shows for your events.

When you got it, flaunt it! When you see it, celebrate it! Recognize users based on skills or abilities to help them increase connections and exposure. It might just get them recruited.

Playing an important game? Want to catch up with what your competitors are up to? Stream and watch games at all levels, right through the app.

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Live, breathe and play the game like never before with the most comprehensive soccer specific app out there!